Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Have a New Cat

Until tomorrow when we take her to the shelter. My friend found a cat in the hallway outside of my apartment. I think she smelled our cats and came up. We also have a Buddha like cat who seems to draw other cats in. He is the least territorial cat I have ever met. He loves to make friends with other kitties. We tried locating the owner, but have been unable to do so. I called our rental office, but no one has reported one missing. Since we already have two cats, we are unable to keep her(although I would really like to). There are several no-kill shelters within a 40-min drive so that's where we are going Wednesday. I refuse to take animals to a shelter where they could be put down if not immediately adopted. My husband briefly considered killing me, but took one look at the cat and realized how sweet she is.
We picked her up a cheap litter box and a couple of cat nip toys. It was kind of funny though, I put the litter box in the bathroom( we are keeping her in the bathroom to keep her away from our cats) and she immediately broke it in.