Monday, September 14, 2009

(Most of) Our Weekly Shopping


4 bags candy corn @ $0.50
2 sticker books @ $0.99


4 Sunday Papers
2 Rimmel Mascaras(item of the month, helps the cosmetic cashiers)
assortment of clearance candy
approximate total=23.00

DO NOT BUY THE BASKIN ROBBINS CHEWY CANDY!!! It is like eating lip gloss. DO NOT DO IT!!!
There was a great selection of chocolate on clearance at the store by my house. We stock up on chocolate when it's on sale, because my husband is a chocolate fiend.

40 cans of Bumble Bee tuna @ $0.50
2 Bottles of wine @ $4.99
2 Brut deodorant @ $1.00(free after coupon)
3 Kroger Brand Toaster Pastries @ $1.00

Total=$33.00 approx

Big Lots

18 qrts Oat Dream (milk alternative, daughter is lactose intolerant) @ $0.30
3 boxes Premium saltine crackers @ $0.65
3 boses Premium unsalted crackers( possible breading)@ $0.33
5 store brand wheat thins @ $0.50
3 Wheat Thins @ $1.00


Grand total= approximately $75.00

We're going to Meijer and Dollar Tree later this week to finish off this weeks shopping.

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