Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooking Day

My sister is staying here til tomorrow. We decided to do some cooking yesterday. We made banana bread, turkey, gravy, and lo mein. Today we are going to make sandwich bread, sweet potatoe bread, jello, pancakes, and syrup.
We ate one of the loaves of bread for breakfast, the other two are going to my brother's house for Thanksgiving. The turkey is already deboned and in the freezer, ready to be used in future meals. The gravy is going to be used on mashed potatoes this week. The lo mein was just a bribe for my sister so she would help me in the kitchen. The gravy was a spur of the moment decision. I made it on a whim. For a while we didn't think it would turn out, but eventually we got it to decent levels.
The sandwich bread is going to be used for sandwiches we have through out the week. The sweet potatoe breadis something we just wanted to try. We make jello because it is amazing. We are making up an entire box of pancakes mix. We will cook them and divide the pancakes into individual meals sized portions, then we will freeze them for later use. We will be making the syrup from fruit juice, it's an experiment, and hopefully it will be a good one.
That is are plan so far.

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