Monday, March 30, 2009

I Went Shopping Today and I'm Up $24

I made a quick stop today for some Easter goodies at CVS. They had a special for Sunday and Monday. The M&Ms were a $1.50 a bag, and the Easter egg dye was $1.99 with a $1.99 ecb(In-store coupon good on your next purchase. Make sure you sign up for the extra care card in the store to make use of these.). For the first transaction I purchased 2 packs of Easter egg dye for a total of $3.98. I paid with a $3.49 in ecbs from last trip and around $0 .56 in change. Earned $3.98 in ecbs. For my second transaction I purchased two bags of M&Ms and a pack of plastic eggs. Paid with $3.98 in ecbs and $0.21 in change. My total for both transactions was under a dollar.
We went to my in-law's house for dinner. While we were there my mother-in-law ended up needing a prescription filled. I offered them the $25 gift card coupon that I had in my coupon binder. They didn't want the card, but they picked it up for me and now I'm up $24 for the day. Not too bad I think.

You can view the rest of the cvs weekly deals here

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