Thursday, December 3, 2009

Continuing on with Weekly Goals

My sister came over on Tuesday to help with the cleaning and organization. We were able to get a few things done.
The linen closet is now de-cluttered and organized. It even has a cardboard robot. We were breaking down a box and noticed that it kind of looked like a robot. We decided to paint it at a later time.
The entertainment center and the area behind it are now clean. We emptied it, pulled it forward and cleared out all the junk that had fallen behind it. We then organized all all the items in the cabinet part. We sorted everything out and found a home for it. We de-tangled the random cords and wrapped them back up using rubber bands to keep them from tangling again. We threw out broken cd cases and random pieces of paper that had found their way in there.
I picked up some clear shoe boxes to help with the organizational progress. My mother-in-law recommended decorative boxes, but at this stage in the process I'm looking more for cheap and functional.
So That's my progress.

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