Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Zombie Plan Involves Hot Dogs. Lots of Hot Dogs.

We did some major grocery shopping this weekend. I received an unexpected check in the mail, and decided to use it to bulk up our stockpile. Combine that with good sales and coupons and we have some really good deals.
My friend Kelly graciously agreed to help with the shopping and coupon finding. I now own a purse sized paper cutter because she thinks it will be easier to cut coupons that way. Oops I forgot to clip this coupon let me whip out my paper cutter. She's totally awesome. We went to Walmart.

Walmart 5-15

1 Utility Shelf@$13.97
2 Mike's Hard Lemonade@$7.49(hubby has a few a week, cheaper than at gas station)
6 4pack Angel Soft@$0.84
6 Ball Park Franks@$2.00
12 Oscar Meyer Franks@$1.50
6 Jars Miracle Whip@$2.00
8 Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon@$2.28
4 A-1 Steak Sauce@$2.98
12 Packs Kraft Naturals Shredded Cheese@$2.08
3 3pk Yeast@$0.93
9 Kraft Salad Dressings@$1.58( $0.08 to $0.58 after coupon)
9 Jellos@$0.50( $0.50/3 after coupon)
4 Lint Rollers@$0.97(free after coupon)
1 Carefree Panty Liner@$1.00(free after coupon)
1 Air Freshener@$0.94
2 Nail Polish Removers@$1.00
1 Toe Spacer(for painting toe nails)@$0.96
2 Shorts@$12.00(I'm not waiting on a sale for these, I can never find them in my size)
1 Johnson's Hair Detangler(for 1 curly haired toddler)@$2.98
2 Dresses@$3.00(also for curly haired toddler)
1 Set Cosmetics Brushes@$9.97
1 Nail Polish@$0.98
1 Lip Gloss@$0.98
1 Swim Suit@$9.50(same curly haired toddler, I'm glad I like her:))

Total After Coupons=163.81
Saved $52.00 in coupons

I put a lot of the stuff directly in the freezer, but we are constantly having people over so I'm sure we'll go through it.

Kroger 5-18

7 Bottles Kraft Barbeque Sauce@$1.00

Total After Coupons=$0
I also ended up with a $3.00 coupon for my next order.

I have some other receipts that I need to find so I will update later.

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