Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Normally I Love Grocery Shopping...

but Walmart was a pain in the butt. The opted not to accept some of my internet coupons. I thought it was kind of weird because she opted not accept them after she scanned them. This would be fine, but the front end manager was being really rude about it. She basically acted like I was up to something, which I assure you I wasn't. I very politely asked them to take off every item they weren't accepting a coupon for off my order. Every item she scanned a coupon for she asked(quite rudely) if I was sure I had purchased that item. She could have easily printed a slip to see what items I had. Their really wasn't a need for an interrogation. So it tacked on another ten minutes to my checkout experience to remove some coupons and items from my transaction. I usually just go to Meijer and Kroger, and will probably do most of my shopping there still. I am really unimpressed with Walmart's customer service at this point.

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