Monday, May 4, 2009

Not a lot of Shopping This Week.

We haven't been doing a lot of shopping this week. I made a quick trip to Meijer to pick up meat and fresh produce. I managed to find lettuce for $0.30 a head, and strawberries for $0.54 a pack.
I picked up the Sunday paper, bread, and a 2-liter of coke at Walgreen's. I make most of our bread, but if I need it quickly I don't mind spending under $2.00 for 2 loaves. We don't drink a lot of pop anymore, but I purchase a 2-liter or so if we have guests over.
I made a quick trip to CVS for their cereal deal. Certain Kellogg's cereals are on sale 3 for $10.00. You earn a $5.00 ecb(coupon good on next purchase) after you purchase three. There are a lot of cereal coupons out right now. I can't remember where they are all located, but I'm sure Google could tell you.
This Sunday's paper(at least in my area) had a coupon for $4.00 off Always Infinity 28+. I'm thinking cheap pads at Meijer.
We are planning a trip to Meijer later this week to stock up on meat, since we are still under budget. We are running kind of low, and I think my husband would appreciate some carnivore love.

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